2.1.7 Summary

  1. All women with a breech pregnancy at or near term should be offered an ECV if there are no contraindications.​
  2. Average success rate approximately 49-58% with lower rates in nulliparous women.​
  3. Early ECV increases the likelihood of cephalic presentation at birth with no decrease in c-section rate or increase in preterm birth risk.​
  4. Prior low transverse c-section is not a contraindication to ECV.​
  5. Limited evidence on contraindications but should not offer if suspicion of abruption, maternal preeclampsia/HELLP, or fetal distress.​
  6. ECV mostly likely to succeed if multiparous, normal BMI, fore-bag >1 cm, and performed by experienced providers.​
  7. No evidence for alternatives to ECV such as postural management and moxibustion.

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Updated on August 4, 2021

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