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Congratulations!  You have completed the didactic portion of the PPH learning module.  In order to complete the requirements for your enhanced skills program, you will have an opportunity to complete a short, straightforward post test.  This is a “formative” test.  In other words, its purpose is to reassure you that you have acquired some basic knowledge on the topic of PPH.    If you work through this module and send in your answers to the post test—you pass!  There are no “marks” but I will answer you by email to give you feedback on your responses.   Please complete the form below or email me your answers at mburnett@hsc.mb.ca.

Question #1:  List 3 common causes of postpartum hemorrhage.

Question #2:  Name four medications that can be used for treatment of PPH without IV access.  State dosage and one route of administration for each.

Question #3:  List four procedures not requiring laparotomy used to address uterine atony post vaginal delivery.

Question #4:  Describe the technique for placement of a B-Lynch suture following cesarean section.

Question #5: List three advantages of subtotal hysterectomy over total hysterectomy in the context of life-threatening PPH.

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Updated on February 16, 2022

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